Our Team

Kathleen McQuaid

President & Creative Director

Connect with Kathleen:

518.966.5600 x 101

Kathleen is a consummate businesswoman with a gift for seeing the ‘big picture’ and achieving results. Combined with an affinity for combining the latest technology and marketing trends with superior messaging, this unique hybrid of talent has helped her offer clients marketing, business and technical solutions for over 20 years. Throughout her career, Kathleen’s professional offerings have expanded to embrace the latest advancements in print, digital and mobile media, quickly responding to shifts in the marketplace.

Since founding KathodeRay Media in 1996, she has created marketing programs for many brands and organizations. Kathleen takes the time to understand the business goals of her clients, as well as the products and services that she markets. She brings her clients’ goals and concepts to life, and is able to reach niche audiences that would be otherwise inaccessible.

Deeply involved in her local community, Kathleen serves on the Board of Directors of the Greene Rural Health Network. In addition, she has taught Multimedia Design and Development as an adjunct professor at Parsons Design School in New York City; and Online Public Relations at SUNY New Paltz. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Computer Art from the School of Visual Arts located in New York City. When she’s not at the office, Kathleen enjoys hanging out with her two children – playing Minecraft and building Lego towns. She is currently a first degree Black Belt studying Japanese Karate at Starr’s Black Belt Academy. She also enjoys gardening, hiking and reading historical fiction novels.

Tom Clark

Art Director

Connect with Tom:

518.966.5600 x 103

Tom’s 12 years of professional experience allow him to create standout concepts for a wide variety of project types, including print, digital and multimedia designs. His organized and detailed management style ensures that projects are completed as promptly and efficiently as possible.

Tom’s flexible skills let him visualize concepts in multiple media outlets. His experience in graphic arts combines both physical and interactive applications, ranging from developing website layouts and logos, to taglines and text. Tom work’s closely with others in the office to ensure every project achieves the right blend of extraordinary form, incentive content and flawless function.

Tom manages a number of large clients for KathodeRay. His list of projects includes managing a complete marketing campaign for GNH Lumber, which includes radio, television and print advertising, creating a dynamic brand for Think BiG, developed for an accompanying website and marketing plan and overhauling the Rex Lumber website to include a smooth design with increased functionality.

Before Tom started at KathodeRay, he ran his own sign and design company where he created vinyl graphics and logo designs for local municipal organization such as the police dept., fire dept., schools, in addition to prototype work with KIA Motors. Tom was able to develop a keen management style and understanding of the business that resonates throughout his work today.

Tom has an Associate of Arts in Visual Communications from Fulton Community College in Johnstown, NY.

Lisa Myron

Director of IT

Connect with Lisa:518.966.5600 x 107

Lisa has been an integral part of the KathodeRay team since 2008. By combining a creative approach to programming and a superior understanding of technology elements, Lisa has helped create the technology foundation of our company.

Lisa’s experience involves the facilitation of new websites, as well as implementing dynamic new features for the multitude of sites maintained by KathodeRay. Her quick development skills and unyielding work ethic allow her to accommodate long projects as well as quick, emergency tasks. Lisa’s experience in radio has equipped her to deal with the many details that arise during a project and how best to handle them in the most efficient way.

Lisa’s lengthy list of clients includes site development and maintenance for Lugz, Anderson Center for Autism, and the Kaufman Organization. In addition, she has also developed a host of new features for the Bank of Greene County and the Day Care Council of New York, to address each of their organizations’ needs.

In stark contrast to her time at the office, Lisa relishes the recreational escape of the outdoors. She often spends her weekends traveling around the region for premier hiking and camping. She also enjoys fishing, kayaking and, during the winter months, snowmobiling and dog sledding with her two Siberian huskies.

Chelsea James

Graphic Designer

Connect with Chelsea:

518.966.5600 x 105

Chelsea’s unique background of both graphic design and website programming has made her an asset to KathodeRay. Her capacity to coordinate different phases of various projects and tie them into end result helps create a superior finished product.

Chelsea’s responsibilities in the office vary widely, from visually designing and programming new websites to creating print materials when needed. In addition to design tasks, she also works on SEO projects and continuously works to acquire new skills to benefit her in completing tasks.

Chelsea is an artist in her spare time, focusing on charcoal, graphite and ink, with an occasional painting. She also manages her own website and blog geared towards her hobby of showing dogs called RaindanceIGs.com and is actively involved in several dog organizations, which have helped her hone her management skills.

Chelsea has an Associate of Arts in Fine Art from Columbia-Greene Community College in Hudson, NY.

Judy Xanthopoulos

Office Manager

Connect with Judy:

518.966.5600 x 100

Judy brings an international flair to the KathodeRay media team. Born and raised in England, she has lived in 7 different countries throughout her life and worked in 4. Her interest in mathematics and working with figures makes her a natural fit for KathodeRay.

Judy is in charge of managing the office as well as essential bookkeeping tasks. She interacts with clients on a daily basis, both with billing and to coordinate miscellaneous requests that come in. She also works closely with KathodeRay employees to ensure the accuracy of invoices and other correspondence.

Judy originally became an Administrative Assistant as a means to fund her love of globetrotting. Counting the 7 where she has maintained a residence, Judy has visited 30 different countries on 4 continents. This worldly outlook simultaneously gives her both the ability to work with a diverse variety of people and a means to escape from the daily routine.

Ryan Sager

Website Content Developer & WordPress Developer

Connect with Ryan: 518.966.5600

After being introduced to computers at a very young age, Ryan was captivated by any piece of technology and his interest has only grown. Ryan’s combination of Web development, Interactive Media, and Marketing courses in college led him to extend a passion for Web as an entirety.

Ryan splits his time between programming WordPress templates, marketing tasks, and social tasks. His experience and education allow him to be flexible with his tasks and responsibilities.  Recently, Ryan has been working frequently on AdWords, social engagement, and email marketing. Ryan adapts to clients’ needs by producing engaging content updates and writing.

Ryan’s passion for learning new things carries over into his personal life as well. He is constantly looking for new and exciting hobbies and things to try, his most recent being candle making. On a daily basis he enjoys playing video games, going for drives, and spending time with the people that are close to him.

Ryan graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science from Marist College in 2013.

Margaret Ryon

Online Advertising & Social Media Manager

Connect with Margaret:518.966.5600 x 112

Margaret’s intense relationship with art and science led her to various artistic career paths. She experienced being a medical photographer for over fourteen years and then went on to use her skills and expertise in the corporate world.  Earning her Masters of Arts in Communication and gaining years of experience within the industry, Margaret’s unique skills and background allow her to produce quality work.

Here at KathodeRay, Margaret utilizes her graphic design skills in social media marketing, allowing her to implement, deliver, and plan social networking content.  She is also responsible for print design and product for press, as well as completing advertising programs.

Margaret’s passion for art and science carry over into her personal life. Living in the first artist colony among an artistic community, Margaret is a lifelong watercolor artist with a love for nature. She is a member of the Palenville Camera Club where she continues her interest in photography.

Brian Britton

WordPress Developer

Connect with Brian: 518.966.5600

Brian’s interested for technology blossomed in high school and years later he became enthralled by computers. Now with over six years of web design experience, Brian’s knowledge of web design, development, and maintenance has led him to become an exceptional WordPress Developer here at KathodeRay.

Brian is responsible for developing websites by using given design and data to meet our clients’ needs. He uses those parameters to acquire a user-friendly interface while trying to match the highest quality level.

Outside of the office, Brian’s passion for design and technology carries over into his personal life. He spends his spare time designing furniture, providing computer and network support, and experimenting with the latest technology.

Sara Beth Jonassen

Assistant Website Designer

Connect with Sara Beth:518.966.5600

Sara Beth is left-handed and decidedly right-brained. Her passion for oil painting defined her undergraduate career, while graduate studies in computer art and animation expanded upon her design vocabulary. Whether utilizing traditional or digital media, the fundamentals of her fine art background continue to inform her creative practices.

Drawing on over two decades of design experience, Sara Beth produces clean, commanding visual elements for both web and print. She also enjoys writing original content, and combining traditional and digital media.

When she’s not at the computer, Sara Beth is walking her smooth-coat collie or riding her trail horses. She also writes historical and short fiction.

Sara Beth earned her Bachelor of Arts in Departmental Art at the University at Albany.